KISL is a premier Technology and Software Consulting Company in Malaysia, with a strong presence in various Asian countries. We are a favourite Technology Development Partner to many Malaysian end-user organizations as well as IT companies. KISL offers a unique range of Software Development, Transition and Outsourcing Services that help both end-user as well as IT organizations meet a variety of challenges. As part of its global expansion strategy KISL is looking for committed partners who would be interested in carrying the following products into their territory. Apart from the product sales, our partners can immensely benefit by leveraging.

KISL's offshore software execution skills.

E-Governance: Application Processing Workflow System

Automation of application processing in a quasi-government / government department that involves registration, approval, rules for verification, assessment and evaluation, issues of certificates, management reporting etc.

ERP application

Application that automates the entire production cycle of a Manufacturing company. Involves Inventory control, Sales & Invoicing, Production planning and management, Warehousing and Delivery, Receivables tracking, Management Reporting, Integration with Financial system etc.

CRM for Insurance & Unit Trust organizations

A pre- and post-sales software solution used by the insurance / unit trust advisors, as well as by customers.

Islamic Insurance Systems & Consulting

KISL can also bring to play substantial domain & application design skills in the area of Insurance (Life and General) and Takaful ( Islamic Insurance) practices coupled with implementation of Front-office and Back-office applications. Prospective partners would be those in the software applications or products segment, with an established client base & market grasp.

KISL is actively looking for partners in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Europe & rest of Middle East. The benefits of partnering KISL are: