Joint Software Development

  • Vast majority of software projects world over are gripped by a variety of uncertainties, the most fundamental of which is time. The time and effort needed to put together a competent project development team remains unpredictable.
  • KISL offers its partners just in time software teams - with committed minimal lead times.
  • As your strategic development partner KISL will - right at the start of the relationship - calibrate and align the skills and standards that you require - and based on a project in pipe line forecast from you ensure that teams are readily available with assured lead times.
  • Based on this assured availability from KISL, you could enter into project contracts with your clients.

Shadow teams are extensions of your project teams and are located outside Malaysia in a low cost location. Shadow teams will take up non critical but voluminous project tasks such as testing, documentation, report generation, etc.

  • The above methods are fundamentally new ways of reducing project uncertainties thus leading to better management of your software projects
  • Quick and prompt commencement of Projects
  • Reduction of load on your project team
  • Reduced strain on your infrastructure and budgets
  • Offshore cost advantages
  • Your are in a better position to deal with factors such as project volume escalation & unforeseen employee turnover