Maintaining Your Software Applications

KISL Application Maintenance Services offers you attractive options to protect existing invesments & extend the life of current IT systems. In fact, our fundamental approach to application moderniation strategy is to retain already existing software & systems. You could read more about this in the next paragraph.

Broadly application maintenance caters to the following needs:

Many international studies indicate that organizations can co-exist with existing IT investments & achieve effective technology use.

Modernizing Your Software Applications

KISL Applications Modernization Services offers you attractive options to invigorate your IT environment without the huge costs, complexities and risks associated with big bang approaches.
Fundamental to Application Modernization strategy is retention of software and systems that are already working for your organization and to build layers and components for added dimensions of process, function and technology enrichment.

Broadly application modernization caters to the following objectives:

Many international surveys indicate handsome gains to organizations that have carried out application modernization. An indication of the gains is as under.

Lowering IT Integration costs 55 to 65 %
Lowering of Application Maintenance Costs 45 to 55 %
Improving IT time to deliver change to business 60 to 80 %