Finishing School Programs & Services

Introduces a proven Software Finishing School Program for IT Universities / Colleges with the following goals:

  • To convert IT graduates into Software Professionals meeting IT Industry's expectations
  • To provide them Industry grade Training program with "Real life project experience"
  • To improve their Logical Problem Solving & Analytical skills.
  • To provide them the experience of interacting with the "Technology Mentors" who fully understand Industry grade projects
  • To improve their understanding of the best practices & standards in Software Programming
  • Customized Course Structure based on skill-levels of the Students, in Technology & Logical Analysis
  • Designed & Executed by Technology Mentors with live project experience
  • Students get to do, actual projects using proper SDLC methodologies right from understanding a requirement, design,coding,
         testing & delivery
  • Students get to understand a specific project domain
  • Students get to learn industry practices from Technology Mentors
  • Basics: Logical Analysis, SQL, C / C++, SQL Programming
  • Java Technologies: Logical Analysis, SQL, Object oriented programming, Core Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Spring/Hibernate/Struts,
         Web/Application Server
  • Microsoft Technologies: Logical Analysis, SQL, Object oriented programming, C# / VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web-services, MVC
  • Database Programming: Logical Analysis, SQL Programming, Optimization, Database Management & Administration
  • Mobile Programming: Logical Analysis, SQL Programming, Mobile Application Development on Android / iOS / Blackberry
  • Proven Track record in providing Software Finishing School Programs for Local Universities
  • Multi-Technology, Multi-Domain Software Projects Company
  • Excellent Customer base in Malaysia
  • Experience in mentoring Large Software Teams (Fresh Graduates & Experienced)

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