Virutal Insure

The challenging new age

The insurance business environment is changing rapidly. There is both an opportunity and, more importantly, a need to have your business transaction running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Enabling you to interact with participating business entities and building the competence to offer your customers better products and services. There is also this tremendous opportunity to streamline business processes and automate process work-flows. In other words, this is your big chance to reinvent your business.

Virtual Insure - gearing insurers for the digital era

Virtual Insure is a robust web-based solution that enables an Insurance company or an Insurance Intermediary to transact & consummate business with a variety of operational entities. It automates the business process in which these entities participate by automating the process work-flows, making your business processes more streamlined and unhindered by bottlenecks. Virtual Insure provides a clearer definition and Illustration of products for customers; supports aggressive marketing strategies, reduces quote-to-policy cycle, enables agents / sales force with information and training and vastly improves customer service. It provides dynamic insurers with a critical business edge. Furthermore, Virtual Insure is compatible with all types of back-end systems, promising better returns on your IT investments.

Virtual Insure enables:
Improved customer servicing:
Streamlined policy servicing:
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