Virtual Insure – Integrated Software for Life & General Insurers

Virtual Insure is a web based, state-of-the-art, Comprehensive Product Suite for Life & General Insurers.
  • Individual Life: Virtual Insure - Comprehensive
  • Group Life & Annuity: Virtual Insure - Group
  • Front Office functions: Virtual Insure – Front Office Non-Life
  • Front Office functions: Virtual Insure – Front Office
  • 360 degree view of Prospects & Customers across the Marketing, Sales and Customer Support cycles.
  • Functionality for every element in the Insurance chain – HO, Agents, Corporate Agents, Mobile users, Call centers and Clients
  • Built in marketing, sales force management and CRM functions across all types of products and clients
  • Information systems that empower corporate distribution channels and large clients
  • Strong focus on process automation through workflow
  • Component design that shall smoothly handle future changes in product rules, business processes and computation logic
  • A system that handles all types of Insurance products (Individual, group and Annuity) in a uniform manner
  • It provides a state of the art, integrated, front & back office functionality
  • Simple Roll Out
  • No User Licensing Requirements
  • Highly Scalable
  • Highly Secure
  • Drag & drop. Click & Browse. Easy to Use
  • Centralised Web Architecture