• Production Tracking and Order Management Systems designed for Precious Metals
  • Maintenance Support of Legacy ERP Systems
  • ERP Application Modernization & Progressive Migration to new Technology Platform
  • Customized Development of Software Applications around core ERP System
    • e-Ordering Systems
    • Production Tracking Systems
    • Inventory Control Systems
    • Automation of inter-department processes (Eg. XL sheets processing and tracking)
    • Mobile Applications
    • BI / Reporting Applications

KL based Precious Metal Manufacturing Group


  • ERP on Legacy technologies
  • Functionally incomplete
  • Data Management and Data modelling issues
  • Not scalable
  • Freelancer / Vendor not supportive


  • To have a new customized ERP Software at low-cost

Success Story

  • Phased approach for Customized Development
  • Complete re-design of Database and Application
  • 1st Phase Live within 6 months
  • Dedicated Maintenance Support
  • Web and Mobile enablement