ERP Competencies

Challenges faced by HR/Sourcing/IT Teams, while hiring/retaining top-notch Functional & Technical Consultants for the leading ERP applications.

KISL has recently launched ERP competency practices that address the above challenges and that bridges the Organization's retention/projects goals and Employees' career plans.

Our ERP Competency practices cover the leading ERPs such as:

  • Creating Shadow teams/Warmedup talent pool that comprises of:
  • >> Functional Consultants
  • >> Technical Consultants
  • >> BI Consultants
  • >> DB and ERP Administrators
  • >> Support Consultants
  • >> Project Management
  • Consulting support for short term (15/30/45 days) and long term (6 months / 1 year / 1.5 years) projects
  • Evaluation based Hiring model to nullify risks of wrong hiring
  • Flexible, "Self-managed" Support structure - Onsite / Offsite / Offshore / Retainer based
  • Delivery based Consulting support

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  • Exposure to Multi-domain, International Projects
  • Clear definition of career roadmap
  • Onsite Opportunities that would give Direct exposure to Production environments, Interactions with Multi-cultural teams
  • Increased domain expertise, Increased Responsibilities
  • Compensation definition & increase directly proportional to roles & responsibilities / project dimensions.
  • To join us, please write to enquiries(at) .