Transition Management

Efficiency improvement, process change, systems upgrades – these are essential to business growth; but they are tough to manage as well. More often these days, tech-savvy Malaysian organizations are migrating from an old technology to a new one. KISL, as an expertise house on both old technologies and new technologies, has participated in several such migrations in the last two years – at the technology level, at the process level and at the management level.
KISL is offering a specialised services: Transition Project Management Package – a basket of services under a Project Office that helps you manage a crucial phase of your business evolution and helps you address all the pitfalls encountered during a Transition exercise.
Crucially, there are many unanticipated problems during the transition. Issues tend to get “discovered” as the changes are attempted (such as, data in the old system is found to be not clean; urgent user requirements tend to get bottled up as the IT team focuses on managing the transition; time and cost overruns). Overall, as an organisation, you would need a single-point partner with multi-discipline capabilities, with flexible engagement models and excellent cost management.

KISL’s Proposal

KISL understands the complexity of transition not just from a vendor’s perspective, but from your perspective. In essence, we understand the problems that transition entails at a very detailed level and we offer a total solution to handle the transition period.

The Transition Management Package consists of: